"Paint is nothing, canvas is nothing, painting is a response to life."  Agnes Martin

The oil paintings on exhibit are a result of my response to the spiritual aspects of the light and air of the Lowcountry I now claim as home.

Having been a painter for many years, my work was transformed by a move to the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Seeing the Charleston Harbor for the first time had deep emotional impact on me.
It was an encounter which became for me a moment of instant recognition. This place had always been one I intuitively knew; this light and space, where earth, water and sky embrace one another.

My work has been influenced by other artists who have abstracted Nature and whose works exhibit the Power of the Paint: Mark Rothko, Joan Mitchell , Vincent VanGogh; each of whom were inspired
by Nature, observed, contained inside themselves and interpreted on canvas. Aristotle once said, “A work of art should imitate the motions of the mind and not the external arrangement of facts.”

I continue to search and play, painting my response to Nature observed